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From Where Did The Term 'BBQ' Really Originate?

Your bbq is your new outdoor kitchen.

Today's outdoor kitchen cooking equipment does a lot more than barbecue chicken and bake potatoes. Many look more like commercial-style cooking machines.

In some cases, you may find your outdoor kitchen area making more of a statement than the main kitchen! So, get your outdoor living area equipped with beer dispensers, patio heaters, coolers, refrigerators, wok cookers, warming drawers, and stainless steel sinks.

The origin of the word barbecue (barbeque) is not totally clear.

Some people believe it derives from the word barabicu found in the language of the Taíno people of the Caribbean. The word translates as sacred fire pit and is also spelled barbicoa or barabicoa. The word describes a grill for cooking meat consisting of a wooden platform resting on sticks.

There is also a couple of inaccurate origins based on folklore. One claims that the word is derived from the French language. The story goes that French visitors to the Caribbean saw a pig being cooked whole and described the method as barbe à queue, meaning from beard to tail. The French word for barbecue is also barbecue and the "beard to tail" explanation is regarded as false by most language experts.

Another common explanation derives from the word BBQ and came from the time when roadhouses and beer joints with pool tables advertised Bar, Beer and Cues. According to this tale, the phrase was shortened over time to BBCue, then BBQ.

Probably the most important aspect of outdoor kitchen cooking is to ensure that the food is prepared and cooked properly and that no one suffers from any adverse effects as a result of a poor standards of hygiene. These bbq hygiene tips will ensure you keep everyone healthy at your next outdoor bbq.

Of course, as you plan your barbeque party, make sure you're relying on equipment and materials designed to withstand outdoor use and that meet the appropriate safety standards. With those bases covered, you'll be ready to host your alfresco extravaganza.

And don't think your outdoor kitchen be seperate from the indoors or be a boring area. Today, outdoor areas are becoming an extra room to the home. You can now find stunning out door tables; table settings; indoor outdoor rugs and accessories to make your outdoor entertaining area a modern exstension of your home.

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