Dear Home Improver,

This easy to follow Kitchen Ideas Guide, entitled "Kitchen Remodeling Secrets" is probably the most important information resource you will ever come across if you are thinking about, or in the process of remodeling your kitchen.

Here's why:

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets will save you time, a huge amount of money and frustration from making the wrong purchases, agreeing with a poor design, choosing the wrong installer, and falling into all the other "bear-traps" that lie along the road of major home improvement projects. It is also the essential guide for all do-it-yourself fanatics!

I'm Ian Ludlow and I have spent more years than I care to mention in the kitchen design, sales and installation industry. I have written Kitchen Remodeling Secrets with my wife Jo to provide a balanced, concise and practical guide for people just like you.

We will share with you our "insider" knowledge and experience of the kitchen industry - including all the technical pitfalls to watch out for - to help you to achieve that magazine style look.

Here is a summary of the contents covered in Kitchen Remodeling Secrets, and the benefits you will receive from the insider knowledge contained in it:

Now, as we said earlier, Jo and I have worked in the kitchen industry for many years and we know we are giving up vital information that is not well known outside the kitchen industry and the hints and tips that will save you thousands ... but don't just take our word for it, listen to what recent customers are saying.

"... I am so glad I found this book in time. I had already bought the kitchen I wanted based on a designer's layout. When I read your book it was perfectly obvious that the layout was wrong and that I could have got in the additional appliances I wanted in the first place. The kitchen and the installation was costing me 6,500 and I know I would not have been happy with the results. After talking through the ideas and guidelines you have in the book about working sequences with the kitchen company we came up with a much better solution. I am delighted with the results after adding my own finishing touches based on ideas from your book. Thank you"

Jon Barry, Newcastle, UK

"... being on my own and not having a technical thought in my head, I was getting really stressed at the thought of dealing with sales people and tradesmen and wondering how much pressure they would put me under to get my business. I came across your book on the internet and, having read it thoroughly, it gave me the confidence to talk to the kitchen companies on their own level. I asked all the questions you suggest asking in your book which put me in the driving seat and helped me achieve what I wanted. I'm writing this letter on what I call the "snack bar" area of my new kitchen and it feels wonderful to have got to this stage without the huge amount of worry I was expecting ... "

Norma Sawyer, East London, UK

Telephone call ... "Ian, I'm just calling to say thank you for the info in your book. I've just cancelled my kitchen order because I now realise I've been sold to and that the kitchen plan doesn't really have everything me and my wife want. I was charged 45 to cancel but even with the cost of the book added it still won't come to the money I was about to waste. Me and the wife have just set out a plan of what we want and where we want it based on your guidelines and it all looks as though it will fit. Joan, my wife has changed the oven order after following your guidelines in the book - boy, I wouldn't have heard the last of that bad buy! We're just going out now to get some other quotes. Even that chapter where you say to get at least three quotes has helped. Thanks a bunch mate, I hope you didn't mind me calling. I'll let you know how it all works out. Bye"

David Bryant, Birmingham, UK

Note: Since David's call he has contacted me again (by letter this time) to say that he and Joan had placed their order with another company, even though they allowed the original company to re-quote, the kitchen was installed on time and within budget, and they enjoyed a great family party to show off the results.

Thank you David and Joan.

You won't find anything quite like Kitchen Remodeling Secrets at the price, anywhere.

Listen, if you have not had any or much experience at remodeling a kitchen, we will bet on our lives that you'd probably make a number of mistakes with the design, or the purchase, or the installation of the project ... or all three elements!

The average time taken for a do it yourself kitchen installation is thirteen weeks! This is mainly because tasks are attempted in the wrong sequence or, started and then stopped because a special tool is required or, the task is more difficult than anticipated or, worse still, comes to a grinding halt because of the constraints of time.

Why put yourself through this stress?

Just minutes from now you could be checking through this valuable resource ... with a beer or gin and tonic in hand ... relaxed in the knowledge that you will be able to take charge of your home improvement project.

This unique resource is available to you as a downloaded e-book directly accessible from the Internet. You'll be shown the exact simple steps to download it to your PC (there's only 2 steps to follow).

This way we have no inventory and fulfilment costs. We don't have to pay a tele-sales team to take orders over the phone (though you're welcome to call us on the phone so rest assure we are a real company). This way we can pass along our cost savings to you. So you win and we win.

Plus, by downloading the e-book to your PC you can keep a copy on your computer, print the relevant section or page out when best suits you

If you're new to downloading information from the Internet let us put your mind at ease. We're no 'techno wizards' and we had no problem. And, the book can be read on both PC and Mac computers.

Now, because you will be downloading everything online - we're not going to charge anywhere near the amount you would pay for an over priced hardback "how to" book - In fact your total investment for the entire Kitchen Remodeling Secrets e-book resource is just $9.97.

But there's more because, as a special 'thank you' for your custom, we are going to include three extra must have bonus Kitchen Ideas Guides - each one priced at $4.48 (Total Value $13.44).

1. Kitchen Installation List of Work to be Completed and Checked

2. Kitchen Countertops - New and Existing Material Used

3. Kitchen Ideas Finishing Touches

We know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away on this personal offer and you can't lose with our ...

100%, Ironclad, Money Back Guarantee

Your decision to own and enjoy your own copy of Kitchen Remodeling Secrets is a simple one as we know you'll find this resource absolutely indispensable for all your project needs. But we understand you might be sceptical. That's why we ask you to see for yourself and try everything entirely at our risk. We're totally convinced that Kitchen Remodeling Secrets is worth several times the cover price that we urge you to download your copy today by clicking on the link below. Read it, enjoy it, let it lift your confidence with the project you are about to embark on ... then, if it doesn't live up to everything we said just send us an email within 56 days to let us know.

We'll then promptly refund every penny, no questions asked.
Try asking for that in your local book store!

So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

By the way, the three bonus Guides are yours to keep even in the unlikely event you decide to take advantage of our ironclad money back guarantee:

Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED or you pay nothing.

Order Your Copy Now (even if it's 2am in the morning!) It's easy to get started and Download Kitchen Remodeling Secrets today.


You'll gain immediate access to Kitchen Remodeling Secrets and the three bonus Guides described above.

Best wishes,

Ian and Jo Ludlow

P.S. You will learn trade secrets and short cuts that the professional installers and designers don't want you to know about.

P.P.S. Remember, our personal bonus 'thank you' gifts are yours to keep and benefit from ... so order your copy now.

Published by Ian and Jo Ludlow 2007

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

... I came across your book on the internet and, having read it thoroughly, it gave me the confidence to talk to the kitchen companies on their own level ...

Norma Sawyer,
East London, UK

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

... after talking through the ideas and guidelines you have in the book about working sequences with the kitchen company, we came up with a much better solution ...

Jon Barry,
Newcastle, UK

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

... Well done to you both for producing such a concise book on 'what pitfalls to avoid' when remodeling a kitchen. Every kitchen customer should read this book to help them decide what they want and what they don't want in this important room. It would make our job of kitchen fitting a great deal easier and won't cause the strained conversations we have to have with the customer ...

Michael Mahon, Kitchen Fitter
Preston, UK

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

... I am so glad I bought this book. I learned a tremendous amount. It has helped me formulate in my mind how I want the layout of my kitchen to be. My kitchen is so small and yet there seemed to be a lot of wasted space. Your book provided the help and advice I needed to use all the space and make the kitchen more functional ... Thank you.

Mary Walters,
Edinburgh, Scotland

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

... We have just bought a small villa in Spain and the existing kitchen was not laid out very well. We came across your book and we were easily able to translate our requirements onto a simple plan that the Spanish carpenter could understand. The results are exactly what we wanted. Great value for money ...

Steve and Cheryl Banks,
Alicante, Spain

Kitchen Remodeling Secrets

... if only I'd seen this earlier. We needed a new kitchen but didn't have a lot of money to spend so I was going to try doing some of the work myself. Having got into a right mess with a floor that was not level and walls that were out of square ... things that I only found after ripping out the old kitchen ... your book took us back to basics and we worked through the difficulties ... your book certainly saved us money and time ... Thank you

Jonathan Lloyd,
Southampton, UK