Kitchen Cupboards

A cupboard is a type of cabinet

A cupboard is a type of cabinet, often made of wood, used indoors to store household objects such as food, crockery, textiles and liquor, and protect them from dust and dirt.
As the name suggests, this piece of furniture was originally a simple board or table on which to place cups or mugs--recorded use of such a name dates back to at least the Middle Ages. For the last few centuries, "cupboard" has referred to a storage area enclosed by doors.The term cupboard was originally used to describe an open-shelved side table for displaying plates, cups and saucers. These open cupboards typically had between one and three display tiers, and at the time, a drawer or multiple drawers fitted to them. The word cupboard gradually came to mean a closed piece of furniture.

Types of cupboards

Airing cupboard

An airing cupboard is a large built-in wardrobe, sometimes of walk-in dimensions, containing a water heater; either an immersion heater for hot running water or a boiler for central heating water. Shelves, usually slatted to allow for circulation of heat, are positioned above or around the heater to provide storage for clothing, typically linen and towelling. The purpose is to prevent damp and to dry wet clothing. Other names include "boiler cupboard", or (in Ireland) "hot press".

China cabinet

The very first china cabinet was created during the King William and Queen Mary era (1689-1702) in England. William and Mary came from Holland, and brought with them lots of Dutch craftsmen. Queen Mary was obsessed with the Blue and White china that was being imported in Europe, so she commissioned the craftsmen to create a special cabinet that would display some of her personal collection. The cabinet itself was made of walnut, so it had to be moved with a stretcher because the large piece was too heavy for the small legs that were under it. It had a glass door, which were glass panes, which at this time were created by blowing glass into compartments and then spreading it into sheets. The original china cabinet had an oriental influence to go with the style of the Blue and White china.

Linen cupboard

A linen cupboard is an enclosed recess of a room used for storing household linen, usually with shelves; or a free-standing piece of furniture for this purpose.See also article linen-press.

 A great selection of Hutches, Jelly Cabinets and Buffet Servers in various styles and finishes. Choose from a wide variety of brands including Home Styles, Catskill Craftsmen, Powell, Mix & Match and Bradley Brand Furniture. Add a Hutch or Cupboard to your kitchen area for an attractive storage solution.

Mix and Match Buffet Server with Two-Door Hutch in Natural finish with Natural Wood Top by Home Styles

The Mix and Match Buffet Server with Two-Door Hutch features a buffet server with an enclosed hutch top. The hutch has a lower storage cabinet, two drawers and two additional shelves to provide ample storage space. The hutch doors feature Plexiglas windows. The buffet hutch has a warm Natural finish and a Natural wood top. Pieces ship individually via UPS or FedEx ground.

Server features 2 drawers and lower storage cabinet
Plexiglas doors
Two door cabinet hutch top has 2 shelves
Assembly required
Pieces ship individually via UPS/FedEx Ground
Server: 29?W x 15-7/8"D X 35? H
Hutch: 31?W x 13-3/8"D x 34-3/8"H
Wood server tops: 29?W x 15-7/8"D x ?H
Drawer dimensions: 9" W x 10-5/8" D x 3" H

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