Kitchen Installation Case Study


We are delighted to provide this case study which we are calling Tony's Pad. We recently came across Tony when he was in the middle of renovating his kitchen and he has kindly agreed to allow us use his home improvement project to show how his original ideas and plans are translated into his dream kitchen. Thank you Tony!

If you would like us to feature your kitchen project - no matter how big or small - just send us details on the form below and we will be pleased to consider it as a case study.

Here's the format for Tony's Pad. We have the basic layout and measurements of the kitchen and photos as it is now. We'll be updating the photo library as the project progresses.

We have Tony's initial ideas and design plan which we have inserted into a proposed room layout. These may change as the refurbishment continues and we will be discussing these changes with Tony to find out what the impact on time and budget have been. Or, has he thought of everything?

Let's have a look at the room and proposed layout first.


The kitchen is at the back of the house, overlooking the rear garden. The door on the left is a newly installed fire door as this leads directly to the garage.

Design Ideas For Kitchens Case Study Tip

Well done Tony for specifying a fire door; this is not a Building Regulation (UK) for refurbishment projects but would be if this was a new build; good forethought about health and safety.

We have numbered each wall for reference purposes - a good practice on any plan where you may need to communicate instructions to others!. Wall 2 will have a sliding door fitted to maximise space in the kitchen and hallway.

The case study room layout above shows where Tony intends to place the sink, hob, and American style fridge/freezer and shows the work triangle. However, this is slightly complicated by the fact that a double oven is being installed to the left of the sink against wall 1. This effectively means that there are two cooking areas at opposite sides of the room.

The kitchen is 3230mm wide, 2535mm deep, and 2330mm from floor to ceiling.

Let's have a look at some photos showing the room as it is now (March 2007).

alt= alt=

As you can see, Tony has completely gutted the kitchen. The photo on the left shows the new fire door and to the right of the fire door is the new American style fridge/freezer, the delivery of which could not be delayed. Keep it safe and well wrapped Tony whilst the refurbishment work is being carried out!

Design Ideas For Kitchens Case Study Tip

If you have to take delivery of appliances before you intend to use them try to get the supplier to come back to install it as this will ensure the product is installed to the manufacturer's instructions, if is doesn't work it can be replaced, and the guarantee will not commence until the installation date.

The photo above right shows the corner of wall 2 and wall 3 where Tony has asked the qualified electrician to install 3 sockets and switches to control the hob and extractor fan.


This is wall 3 where the gas point is sited (original position) and, on the right of the picture are the electrical switches for the American style fridge/freezer and the washing machine. Both these appliances will be sited on wall 4 on the opposite side of the sliding door.

Tony stated that this was the best position for these switches as the Electrical Regulations and Guidelines state that you must be able to cut the power supply to an appliance without having to touch or move it.

You can also view the Gas Regulations from this case study.
alt= This photo shows wall 4 where the washing machine will be sited in the corner next to the fridge/freezer. The discharge pipe, plumbing and electrical sockets all in place. Good planning Tony.

We will keep you updated over the coming months with progress at Tony's Pad as he intends to complete the rest of the work himself. Good luck Tony.

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